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As an environmentally responsible company, we are committed to minimising environmental impact and having a positive effect on the environments within which we operate.

To achieve this, we have invested in state of the art facilities and technologies that enable us to develop and manufacture our products in lean, efficient ways never before seen in the aircraft interiors industry. For each seat produced, we use less energy, generate less waste and emit less carbon.

This vision of environmental responsibility was designed into the business from the outset. A cornerstone of our value proposition is to deliver light weight longer lasting seats that help to our customers reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions. We also ensure that waste is minimised during the manufacturing process through operational efficiency and lowering our carbon footprint throughout the value chain. We adopt a lifecycle approach to seat development and a high proportion of our seat is made of recyclable material.

We are also committed to supporting our local community and are currently involved in initiatives that are helping to inspire the engineers of the future.

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