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Going Even Further – Hawk LR (Long Range) Secures Launch Customer

The next stage of the Mirus success story will see the new Hawk LR (long range) seat fitted across the AirAsia X fleet of Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

The Hawk LR model builds on the successful Hawk SR (short range) platform, with a high degree of shared components but offers additional long range comfort features. The LR benefits from optimised comfort foam contouring on the backrest and redesigned lower seat base cushion, both are the result of a comprehensive study of comfort and ergonomics involving the use of the latest pressure mapping technology. The result is a seat that offers passengers comfort levels that exceed medical industry standards thus reducing fatigue and discomfort whilst seated for long periods.

AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail – “We think the Hawk LR is the perfect fit to our expectations; lightweight, slim, extremely comfortable and future proofed for connectivity. I foresee these seats being a great success once approved by our board and fitted across our A330-300 fleet”

Phil Hall Mirus CEO – “Naturally it is a pleasure to be able to announce the addition of AirAsia X as launch customer for the Hawk LR. This is a fantastic validation of the hard work done by the team over the last twelve months to create a product that is comfortable for flights over 10 hours yet retains our trademark, slim line profile”.


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