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Insight 03: A Vision of the Future

At AIX 2017, Mirus showcased the Vision 2030 Concept. This 16G proven concept is a representation of a clean sheet, performance driven product that focuses all of Mirus’ Formula 1 engineering expertise into creating the lightest and most durable aircraft seat ever.


Insight 02: The Science of Comfort

We recently announced the launch of the LR variant of the Hawk platform. Part of our developmental journey for this product involved optimising comfort for flights of over 4 hours. This insight explores the science of seat comfort and how we have applied this expertise to our Hawk platform.


Insight 01: The Formula to Optimise Aircraft Seating

As the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 sees drivers and technology pushed to the absolute limit. Whilst the first thing most think of in F1 is gladiatorial tussles between the world’s top drivers, the behind the scenes engineering that makes these battles possible is arguably just as exciting.

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