Insight 07: Backing a Golden Idea

Date: 16/04/2019
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All companies have to start somewhere. They all have to navigate through the stormy waters of the start-up phase which can make or break any business. Regardless of industry, launching products and finding that all-important first customer is a real challenge. These times are testing, but as with most things in life, our ability to get through the rough patches is what defines us, it teaches us critical lessons, helps us grow, tests us, and shows what we are really made of. Indeed, these times often bring out the best in us.

I recently addressed some of the challenges that we faced as a start-up business (see “A quick pause for thought” Jan 2019) and this got me thinking. How can we ‘do our bit’ to help others and to improve things going forwards? We have learned some important lessons on our journey, and have identified areas where we can help others. Our goal is to help make aerospace a better place, one step at a time.

At the time of writing, we have just returned after an incredibly successful week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) hosted in Hamburg, Germany. This show is a fantastic place to launch new ideas and engage with the global market. This year we displayed enhancements to our Hawk platform as well as revealing our all new new economy seating product, Kestrel, to select individuals. Visitors and passers may have also noticed something else on our stand however – something unexpected and intriguing!

The product in question was the Golden Baby – an all-new product from start-up Cloud Cricket. Conceived by entrepreneur Lorna Dunlop, the Golden Baby is a fantastic idea for combining a child restraint and entertainment system for use inside the aircraft cabin. This flexible, lightweight, easily stowable piece of passenger comfort hardware ensures safety and promotes happiness for young passengers, and is the first product supported by Mirus as part of the Sustainable Aviation Initiative (SAI).

A Golden Baby prototype was fitted to one of our Hawk seats for the duration of the show, with its passionate creator on standby answer any questions. Given the complex and challenging nature of this industry, we worked with Lorna to determine that AIX is the best place to launch her product, we also offered guidance and advice to help her showcase her product and gain traction within the market.

Lorna found herself extremely busy on the stand with high amounts of interest from a number of carriers from all over the world. Feedback for the Golden Baby was incredibly positive and we hope that in the near future she secures some significant orders. In Lorna’s words, ‘my experience at the show was incredible… the Golden Baby product creates a safe, fun experience for infants as well as providing opportunities for airline differentiation and revenue generation. Phil and the Mirus team have been outstanding, giving me the opportunity to launch the product to the global market. Support to date has been fantastic and I look forward to the future.’


We are honoured to be supporting Cloud Cricket on their adventure. We all start from somewhere. We are happy to do our part to help. Together, we can change the world.

Phil Hall



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