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Accelerated speed to market

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Customer confidence through industrial reliability

We understand the aerospace industry and adopt a revolutionary approach to deliver products that suit the requirements of operators today. We use our expertise to redefine value within aircraft seating, delivering high performance and stylish products reliably and without compromise.

Our approach to engineering focuses upon agility, innovation and creativity. It is in our DNA to push boundaries, innovate and work together with our customers. Our automotive heritage is characterised through perpetual evolution and frequent revolution, necessitating the need to constantly innovate to keep ahead. Our expertise in structural optimisation and material technology ensures lightweight, durable seats, whilst shortened lead times enable unrivalled speed to market.


Design-led, automotive, high-volume manufacture

In-house industrial design team
RWorks is Mirus’ in-house industrial design team. RWorks has 2 focal areas:

Advanced - advanced technologies and future product development
Exclusive - customer bespoke projects

Robust. Reliable. Repeatable
Our production system is state-of-the-art and intertwined with a ground-up approach to quality systems and supply chain management. Our fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility ensures industrial reliability, speed and scalability.

Committed to quality
We use automotive quality assurance tools tailored to aerospace specific requirements to ensure quality. We employ the latest automated process control technology, as used by leading OEMs, to ensure error-proofing, repeatability and elimination of waste.

Speed to market
Mirus is committed to delivering seats quickly. For standard seats, our lead time is 10-12 weeks (assuming no modification is required). We also offer a fast-track dispatch service where we hold a limited number of seats as stock. These are available immediately.

Mirus is passionate about pushing boundaries and RWorks is the section of the company where we truly get to exercise our innovation, agility and creative flair.


Thinking ahead - MirusCare

At Mirus, we believe in being clear and open about our warranties. Mirus Care Extended Warranty offers lifetime care for your aircraft seats, for a set low annual fee.

Lifetime care
Low annual fee