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Mirus seat
Mirus seats
Mirus seats

Kestrel combines understated elegance with contemporary aesthetics to create one of the most impressive seats available — enhancing the cabin appearance of the most brand conscious airlines.

Designed for airlines operating short to medium-range flights of around 5 hours in standard specification, but available in "Enhanced Comfort" specification to comfortably open up longer routes — the Kestrel transforms travel for passengers through unbeatable levels of legroom.

Mirus seats

Designed using lightweight materials and to be robust and reliable in service in order to reduce maintenance costs, Kestrel is an eco-friendly seat that will dramatically reduce aircraft fuel burn and CO2 emissions. Please contact us for a tailored fuel saving calculation based on your airline’s operation.

Mirus seat

Complex in construction, simple in differentiation.

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Mirus kestrel seats
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Economy Recline
Long range Single & twin-aisle

Hawk LR

Economy Recline
Medium/Long range Single & twin-aisle


Economy Recline
Medium range Single & twin-aisle


Economy Fixed Back
Short range Single aisle

More than the destination — it’s about the journey. 

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