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Our company

The intersection of ingenuity and comfort.

Our company

The intersection of ingenuity and comfort.

Our vision is to bring together the technologies, expertise, and best practices from the automotive and aerospace sectors to deliver innovative, high-performance aircraft seating products.

Our mission is to reliably deliver innovative aircraft seating whilst enhancing customer experience.


A heightened industry perspective.

Founded in 2015, Mirus Aircraft Seating has grown rapidly to become a global leader in the manufacture of aircraft seating, with operations in the UK, Malaysia and China.

We believe that form, function, innovation, sustainability and products that offer the best possible passenger experience, whilst saving the operator money, are the mutual cornerstones of success. We design highly technical products with more accessible benefits when putting pen to paper on a new design.

Mirus is experienced with a proven track record of delivering small through to large scale programs, to aircraft OEM production lines, and directly to airlines for retrofit & refurbishment projects. We are experts in our field, easy to work with and are committed to building genuine partnerships with our customers, to deliver unparalleled seating solutions and ongoing service.

The opening of MTEST; our on-site dynamic testing facility in 2023, marked a key milestone in Mirus’ growth trajectory. Featuring the latest in dynamic testing technology on our doorstep, and being the largest commercially available test facility in the UK, our full-service operation is more streamlined than ever by reducing development times and our carbon footprint from shipping seats all over the world for testing.

Mirus dynamic testing

“Innovation is to do a common thing in an uncommon way, by those who dare to challenge the accepted norm”

Ben McGuire, CEO

An atmosphere of excellence.

An approach that goes beyond a physical product, at Mirus Aircraft Seating our processes prioritise a higher standard of service at every level.

Collaborations over transactions.


Assets built to last — aircraft seating and business relationships alike. While our approach to engineering focuses upon agility, innovation, creativity and quality, our service is centred wholly on people. It is in our DNA to work with our customers to build a product that meets individual brand requirements. Our team will work with you to incorporate your values into our products, helping to produce more memorable passenger experiences and solidify a truly collaborative experience.

Primed for take-off.


Our fully-integrated, state-of-the-art production system intertwines with a ground-up approach to quality systems and supply chain management; ensuring industrial reliability, speed and scalability.

Committed to delivering aircraft seats quickly and efficiently, our standard seat lead-time is 6-8 weeks (assuming no modification is required). We also offer a fast-track dispatch service where we hold a limited number of seats in stock.

Production without compromise — we use quality assurance tools tailored to aerospace-specific requirements alongside the latest automated process control technology to ensure error-proofing, repeatability, waste reduction and products of the ultimate calibre.

From first sketch to final fit-out.


An entirely full-service production, every aspect of bringing our aircraft seats to fruition is an in-house process. From design brief and concept sketching to prototyping, testing, certification, manufacturing, and finally, delivery and aftercare support — our team personally shapes your product at every phase.  

  • CAE – static and dynamic simulation capability
  • Testing – Dynamic test rig, static and cyclic, flammability
  • Design, Development, Certification, Manufacture, QC
  • Composite component manufacturing capability – kit cutting, press curing, trimming

Thinking of tomorrow.


A vision for environmental responsibility executed from day one. At Mirus we seek to proactively minimise the environmental impacts from our own operations, as well as play our part in reducing aviation’s impact on the global environment.

As a leading manufacturer of aircraft seats, with innovation at our core, we are well placed to ensure the products we develop contribute to achieving greater sustainability. Our seats are amongst the very lightest available and this helps our airline customers reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions. Our seats are also amongst the most robust and most reliable in-service, which means reduced spare parts manufacture and logistics. When a part is required to be replaced, our seats are designed so components can be easily separated into constituent parts for ease of recycling through careful use of adhesives and mechanical fastenings. Functions that are only enabled by our continual investment in our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.

“For each seat we produce, we use less energy, generate less waste and emit less carbon”  

 – Adam Challenor, Technical Director

Igniting innovation.


Mirus operates with a history and pedigree in the aerospace and automotive sectors. By drawing on the very best practices from both, we offer what we believe is one of the most specialised and compelling value propositions in the industry. 

Big thinkers functioning without fear of failure, our culture cultivates ingenuity at every touchpoint. From highly collaborative design teams to specialists with diverse backgrounds and expertise to never-stagnant development processes, innovation sits at the core of our operation. An attitude only strengthened by our in-house dynamic testing capabilities, our designs are constantly optimised to feed innovation, reduce weight, and improve sustainability.


Ben McGuire

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Williams

Global Sales & Marketing Director

Adam Challenor

Technical Director

Lyndsay Whiteman

Finance Director

Martin Clerk

Supply Chain Director

James Wright

Operations Director
Sales and marketing team

Rosalia Piazza

Senior Sales Manager

Robert Ross

Regional Sales Manager Americas

Robyn​ Notley‑Daynes

Marketing Manager

Hanafi Yusof

Customer Support Manager (Asia)

Neil Lovelock

Aftersales Manager
HR team

Claire Neve

Talent Acquisitions Executive

Denise Pead

Head of People
crafting Mirus seats

Looking to grow your career in a team fuelled by ingenuity?

Join us

Our journey has only just begun.

Disrupting and reshaping the aircraft seating industry takes design flair, technical skill, a relentless commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, and most of all, time. It’s a journey, but we’re well on our way. 

Trusted by

“After considering various seating options for our A321 aircraft, we opted for the Hawk – we were impressed by the sleek design, low weight and the attention to detail shown by Mirus when it came to our specific requirements. We are looking forward to receiving the first shipment of seats this month, and to hearing our customer’s feedback once they are in service.”

Alexandr Pilipciuc, Technical Director FlyOne

“We considered many seating options for the retrofits of our 737-800 fleet. We were very impressed with the Hawk as a suitable product and the superior level of customer support offered by Mirus. Once retrofitted, the Hawk will significantly enhance the appearance of our cabins and offer our passengers a class-leading experience in terms of comfort and living space.”

Ronald Casso, General Manager Boliviana de Aviación

“Working together with Mirus, we are ensuring that our Boeing 767’s will fly with a state-of-the-art interior and bring our guests comfortably to sunshine destinations across Asia and the Americas."

Geert Somers, Director of Engineering & Maintenance Tui Aviation

“The Hawk not only enhances passenger experience through improved ergonomics and significantly increased living space, but also ensures an operational reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A win-win scenario for our customers and the environment.”

Tony Fernandes, Managing Director AirAsia Group



Royal Jordanian

A global reach.

Mirus HQ, UK

Fully owned 5-acre site.

Close to major road networks.

Fully-integrated facility home to all Mirus functions.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Certification
  • Testing
  • Procurement
  • Assembly

Static and dynamic testing.


Mirus Malaysia

More information coming soon.

Mirus China

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More than the destination — it’s about the journey. 

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