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Dynamic Testing

Testing technology on our doorstep.

Mirus dynamic testing
Dynamic Testing

Testing technology on our doorstep.

About the facility

Our M-TEST facility opened in 2023 and marked a key milestone in Mirus’ growth trajectory.

The state of the art 407m² facility is located on the same site as our existing 3,800m² Mirus Aircraft Seating head office building in Hingham, Norfolk.

This UKAS ISO 17025 accredited laboratory features the latest in aircraft testing technology and is the largest commercially available dynamic testing facility in the UK.

Mirus staff at dynamic testing


Aviation Test Equipment:

Custom-made made fixtures to support following types of test:

  • Structural pitch & roll
  • Structural down
  • Occupant injury HIC

3 x Humanetics HII ATD’s with the following instrumentation:

  • Head acceleration (X, Y & Z)
  • 6 Axis lumbar spine
  • Femur loads

6 x Floor interface load cells

4 x Seat belt load cells

4 x IDT CCM-3510 High speed cameras with tracking software packages to suit

Onboard & offboard filming capability


Coming soon.


More accessible advancements.

For our team, taking ownership over our testing operations was all about speed and agility. It ensures we can get certified products to market as quickly and effectively as possible — both in terms of new product developments to advance airline performance, and in helping airlines to achieve solutions more tailored to their own operations.

The time, cost and carbon footprint that is reduced by having our M-TEST capability onsite has shifted our operation into the future — leaving the wasted resources of shipping seats around the UK or overseas for testing firmly in the past. Our facilities provide not only major benefits to our internal Mirus team, but to our customers, industry and the planet as a whole.

World-class testing with a local perspective

The dynamic test facility will provide Mirus the capacity to certify new products for airworthiness, without ever leaving the factory.

Innovation and agility

Mirus Test Services gives us the ability to dramatically reduce programme lead times, increase our technical knowledge, and strengthen our overall competence and gives the assurance and confidence to all our existing customers and OEM's that we can take on the most complex technical programs. Our in-house dynamic testing capability means greater opportunities for product advancement.


Research, development and innovation allow for weight reduction and a reduced carbon footprint for our clients. Alongside this, our on-site testing results in a dramatic reduction in shipping and travel to overseas facilities; reducing energy outputs exponentially across Mirus’ operation.

Mirus dynamic testing

Our promise to safely secure your data.

While our facilities are close in proximity, our unmatched confidentiality guarantees privacy both on and off site for all clients.

Facility access

The M-TEST Facility is affixed to the existing Mirus Aircraft Seating building. A Paxton door lock system restricts movement of staff between the two facilities.

Solely M-TEST staff have access into the facility.

The main entrance is either through the Mirus Group reception or using the door to the front of the test facility.

All other access to the test facility must be agreed prior to visiting.

Servers and data control

All customer information is confidential and will not be stored on removable media unless it is appropriately encrypted.

All confidential information and test data is stored solely within the M-TEST network and exclusively shared with the respective customer.

The M-TEST servers have a cloud-based back-up system with full disaster recovery.

Access to information on these systems can only be done so by the M-TEST staff.

The transfer of test data will be shared directly and only with the customer, no other party will have access to, or see this privileged information.