Doing More With Less


Date: 14th August 2023

The ever-increasing need to reduce seat weight in order to minimise fuel burn has driven Mirus Aircraft Seating to look to new technologies and materials, such as; composites, polymers and lightweight foams.

"The right seating can significantly reduce the weight of an aircraft saving fuel and helping to shrink the flight's carbon footprint."

Adam Challenor, Technical Director


In June, Mirus sponsored AirAsia‘s first ‘Sustainability Day’ and we are immensely proud of being part of their journey to becoming greener.

In 2018, AirAsia began upgrading their cabins with our lightweight economy seat, Hawk. To date, they have retrofitted five A320 aircraft and received four A321neos directly from Airbus with Mirus seats, saving approximately 413 tonnes of CO2, and 132,000kg of fuel per year.