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About Us

About Us2

Mirus Aircraft Seating is a High-Performance Business that is Committed to Delivering the Most Complete and Competitive Seating Package Available.

By introducing and applying technologies and best practices from Formula 1 and the automotive industry, we bring real and measured innovation into aircraft seating. Our unique approach centralises upon thinking about things in new ways and is derived from 3 core principles:

 - F1 engineering for material technology, design optimisation and speed to market
- Automotive derived styling, production, quality and service level
 - Aerospace know-how to meet industry requirements and the needs of operators today 

Our mission is not only to deliver the best aircraft seats in the world, but also to ensure the best ownership experience. We are committed to Going Further.


A Revolutionary Approach Geared to Meet Your Requirements Today


Our expertise in dynamic, fast-moving industries has taught us the necessity to never stand still, to constantly innovate to keep ahead. We understand the aerospace industry and adopt a revolutionary approach to deliver products that suit the requirements of operators today. 

Key Benefits
Our unique, customer-centric approach is geared to deliver superior products whilst lowering total cost of ownership and ensures:

• Enhanced value
• Improved speed
• Reduced weight
• Enhanced quality
• Industrial reliability and repeatability
• Game-changing after-sales promise
• Enhanced passenger experience


Mirus Adopts Best Practices from Formula 1, Automotive and the Aerospace Industries to Deliver True Performance


Formula 1 Engineering: F1 is characterised through perpetual evolution and frequent revolution, necessitating the need to constantly innovate to keep ahead. Our expertise in structural optimisation and material technology ensures lightweight, durable seats, whilst shortened lead times enable unrivaled speed to market.

Automotive High-Volume Manufacture: Our fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility ensures industrial reliability, speed and scalability. Our Primary location is a 3,500m2 integrated engineering, production and assembly facility located in Norfolk, UK that has a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 PAX per annum.

Quality Assurance: We use automotive quality assurance tools tailored to aerospace specific requirements to ensure quality. Mirus employs the latest automated process control technology, as used by leading OEM’s, to ensure error-proofing, repeatability and elimination of waste.

After Sales Service and Support


A Revolution in Ownership Experience

Warranty: Mirus seats are built to last. All seats come with a comprehensive warranty policy and we work closely with our suppliers to pass benefits to our customers

Our After-Sales Commitment: We have addressed an area of common concern in the seating industry by unveiling a customer-centric after-sales support program. We are committed to delivering vastly reduced maintenance costs as well as improved responsiveness. We have strategically positioned global After-Sales Support Centres to support customers across the world to ensure optimised cost and lead times. Key benefits include:

• Responsive Support
• Transparent Costs 
• Rapid Delivery
• Available Stock