First Linefit Seat Shipment


Date: 12th April 2020

Mirus is proud to announce the dispatch of our first ever shipset destined for the Airbus final assembly line as an approved Airbus supplier on Thursday 22nd August 2019. Our CEO, Phil Hall, reflects on this momentous event:

“Today marks the culmination of a dream that started over 8 years ago. It also marks the fulfilment of a promise made.

That dream and that promise was that I could deliver an economy seat to the Airbus final assembly line as an approved Airbus supplier…

I use the word “I” liberally as clearly I could not have reached this milestone by myself. There were no shortcuts to get to this place, just a lot of dedicated, hardworking individuals who share my passion to do things a little differently.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us on this journey – from our suppliers, to our shareholders, and to each and every member of Team Mirus – because without them, none of this would have been possible.

We are also immensely thankful of the steadfast support of our customer, AirAsia, and the patience and guidance received from Airbus, both of whom contributed so enormously to us reaching this momentous goal.

The road to get here has been tortuous and sometimes treacherous; there is still so much to learn and so many areas we can and need to improve. We give knowing acknowledgement to the fact that we can do better and that we are still on our journey to be the best we can be and truly fulfil our potential. But this is what drives us.

Nonetheless, today, as we waved off our first shipset for delivery, I took a moment to let the pride sink in. For me, this achievement marks the maturing of Mirus Aircraft Seating as a business and as a real contender. I sometimes forget that 4 ½ years ago none of the business I see today existed.

I am very excited to see what we can achieve in the next 4 ½ years and beyond.

- Phil Hall
Mirus warehouse

Mirus’ first linefit shipset is due to be installed on 28th August in Hamburg, Germany, ready for flight on 29th August.