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Shorter lead-times, 
longer lifetime value.

Mirus aircraft seating process

Shorter lead-times, 
longer lifetime value.

Short-term action for long-term benefits

Mirus Agility is designed to meet the unique requirements of aircraft leasing companies managing short aircraft transition schedules, with no compromise on quality or service. Lead-times are just 6-8 weeks from order to delivery, and available for both our Hawk and Kestrel economy seats, for Airbus A320 Family and Boeing 737 aircraft in pre-defined layouts.

When even tighter time constraints are called for, leasing companies can provide longer term requirements and Mirus will manufacture and hold in stock ready for call-off when aircraft enter the hangar.

Whilst the specification is pre-defined, there are a range of tailored options to make the seat individual to the airline who will fly the seat.

mirus truck on the way

Key benefits

Delivery in just 6-8 weeks from PO

Pre-defined layout and seat specification for Airbus A319, 320, A321 and Boeing 737

Choice of seat types - recline and fixed back variants

Choice of pre-certified synthetic dress cover colours

Further customisation available (may increase lead-time)

Mirus Care, our industry leading warranty package, comes as standard

Promessa® AV Apex

The Promessa® AV Apex grain was specifically designed for commercial seating and is the most durable and comfortable and readily available seat cover product in the aviation market today.

Its unmatched performance, comfort, and weight are the reasons airlines worldwide are selecting Promessa® AV Apex as their seat cover product of today and tomorrow. Other cover options are available if required.

Mirus seat cover
Mirus seat

Short-term action for long-term benefits.

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